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---------------------- Buyer Inquiry Message ----------------------
Inquiry From:deng
Subject:business cooperation
Sent:2017-5-9 9:21:30 China Time
Dear Sir
Please See The Following Information:

Dear Sir,

It is very nice for me to know your company from web and I found something we both can work together for: Hi-quality聽Retro reflective glass beads that you often need.

The precondition is that:
---if quality of our retro reflective glass is a little bit good than relative international standards.
聽 聽like: BS6088/EN1423-24/AASHTO/ASTM聽and AS/NZS series.
---if our prices offering are lower than the prices you have got.
---if our glass beads completely meet with your local standard.
---if the cooperation between us two can profit your company.

we trust we can do that well for you because more than 15 years successful export to North America,聽Europe markets and other countries, so we trust a hopeful business opportunity before us two, we love challenge and wishing a long-term business relation with your company, by the way, our production introduction attached for your better understanding.

we are waiting for is your聽positive reply to this business,we will of course support you to its best.

Thanks and regards
Truly yours

Mr.Deng Qing
for Landscapus Inc
Web: www.landscapusinc.com
(http://www.landscapusinc.com/LandscapusINC.html聽聽where reported our export USA and Canada markets this year)
Cell:0086 13011214100
Email: dengqing@landscapus.com

Our business scope shows:

Chip Seal Markers

Road Marking Glass Beads (our main production scope)

Traffic paints

Sandblasting Beads

Industrial Glass Beads聽

Color glass

Striping marking machine

Inquiry Products:

The Buyer Indicated The Following About His Purchasing Plans:
- Company Brochure

- Expected Order Quantity: Sets

Address:   Rm909,Bldg shuilifang,Shunyi Dist,Beijing,China
Telephone:   13011214100
WebSite Url:   none
Buyer Email:
  dengqing[free@buyer-71995]landscapus.com    [*] -> @     [*] replace to '@'
Company Fax:   13011214100
Country&Area:   None
Contact Name:   deng

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