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---------------------- Buyer Inquiry Message ----------------------
Inquiry From:Wentao Jiao
Subject:Furfural supply
Sent:2017-7-6 8:32:54 China Time
Dear Sir
Please See The Following Information:

I am working for a China company and looking for furfural suppliers. For Furfural, we require the content should be no less than 98.5%, the acidity no more than 0.016 mol/L, and the moisture content should be no more than 0.15%

Inquiry Products:

The Buyer Indicated The Following About His Purchasing Plans:
- FOB Prices(For Minimum Order Quantity)
- Sample Availability/Cost
- Delivery Time

- Plans To Purchase Within:< 3 Months
- Expected Order Quantity:500 Tons (US) Per Month

Address:   contact me through email
Telephone:   +86 15764180556
WebSite Url:   none
Buyer Email:
  wentaojiao[free@buyer-07771]gmail.com    [*] -> @     [*] replace to '@'
Company Fax:   +86 15764180556
Country&Area:   None
Contact Name:   Wentao Jiao

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