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---------------------- Buyer Inquiry Message ----------------------
Inquiry From:Diphus
Subject:Cotton Gauze Plain Roll 36 x 100yd 91cmx91m 1500g
Sent:2018-6-21 2:55:47 China Time
Dear Sir
Please See The Following Information:


I am for Cotton Gauze Plain 36 x 100yd 1,500g 91cmx91m.

Product parameters:

路聽聽Must be of 100% cotton

路聽聽Gauze absorbent with selvedges

路聽聽Non-detectable by X-ray

路聽聽Thread count:
Warp 70 +-4 per 100mm聽聽
Weft 60 +-4 per 100mm聽
Weight: Approx. 17 g / m2.

路聽聽Type of gauze: 13 threads / cm2 (grammage 17 g / m2).
Components: Bleached, purified textile, plain weave.

路聽聽Must be four ply

路聽聽Must be closely interwoven and absorbent

路聽聽Folded in a uniform manner throughout the length

路聽聽Should not have creases & folds

路聽聽Must be firm and not loose

路聽聽Must not have loose particles

路聽聽Must be white in color.

路聽聽Must not have hard masses.

路聽聽Weight not less than 1500gms

路聽聽Top and Bottom of the gauze should have聽聽even surface

路聽聽When viewed from the top and bottom the gauze should be compact, with even, continuous, concentric rings without spaces, depression or elevations. (The whole gauze roll to be a continuous piece of uniform size, when unrolled and not joined pieces /segments).

Packaging parameters:

路聽聽Each roll individually packed in a moistureproof paper inside a polythene bag

路聽聽Standard weight of carton 15-20kg final delivery to the warehouse.

Labeling parameters:

路聽聽Labeling should be in English.

路聽聽Must Conform to KEBS / ISO standard or equivalent

路聽聽Manufacturer must be KEBS / ISO certified or equivalent.

Submission of sample:
Submit one roll 馃崶 for evaluation

I look forward to your kind Reply

With Kind Regards

Diphus Kiprop Ng'eny
Managing Director
Easafric Holdings Limited

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- Company Brochure

- Expected Order Quantity:72000 Roll Sets

Address:   Koinange, 49905
Telephone:   +254722722715
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Company Fax:   722722715
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Contact Name:   Diphus

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