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ceka bueromoebelwerke c. krause & sohn gmbh & co. kg

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Buyers Company Name: ceka bueromoebelwerke c. krause & sohn gmbh & co. kg  -  Add Time: 2017-12-5
Buyer Company :    ceka bueromoebelwerke c. krause & sohn gmbh & co. kg
Country / Area :    Germany Buyers
Company Founded :    1900 Year
Company Employee :  
  399 Personal46174800

Data From :    Fair or Customs
Imported Products :  
builders' ware of plastics  nesoi Buyers,  medical Buyers,  surgical Buyers,  dental or veterinary furniture; barbers' and similar chairs having rotating  reclining and elevating movements; parts thereof  screws Buyers,  bolts Buyers,  nuts Buyers,    46174800

Business Type :  

Import Area :    HunGary
Email/Tel/Site :  [ View Contact ]

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